Garage Door Repair

Expert Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Lawrence IN

roller_img.jpgGarage doors do not tend to experience many problems, but when they do, it can be both frustrating and time-consuming to fix. Not only that, but attempting to repair the door on your own can actually be quite dangerous, as there are lots of tensioned springs and pinch points that can cause injury. On the other hand, having a garage door that does not work properly can be dangerous for children and pets, so having our Lawrence garage door repair service take a look at the problem should be a high priority.


Garage doors operate using tensioned springs to allow manual lifting, and to help them stay locked in place when not fully opened. Because these springs are designed to hold a door that can weigh several hundred pounds, having them fail is obviously a risky prospect, especially if they are partway open when the failure occurs. Checking your garage door's railings for damage or rust, and ensuring that the connections between the door and rail are clean and functioning correctly is a good idea. Any maintenance beyond that is best left to our Lawrence professionals.

When you contact a Lawrence garage door broken spring repair professional, you can get information on how best to avoid your particular problem in the future, though the most common issues are physical damage or long-term corrosion. If you want to keep the repairman away, doing a simple check every six months or so can go a long way.