Garage Door Repair

Valuable Garage Door Motor Installation Lawrence IN

mot.jpgPeople tend to take their garage doors for granted, so when a garage door's motor fails, it often comes as quite a surprise (and usually a very inconvenient one at that). It can pay to listen for any odd sounds when opening the door, or watch for signs of the motor struggling to lift it, as these can be indicators that the motor is losing reliability. If you notice these symptoms, contact our Lawrence garage door repair new motor installation company as soon as possible. Attempting to fix the problem or install a new motor on your own is not recommended, as garage doors feature a number of potential hazards. Mechanical doors are especially


dangerous to attempt to repair on your own, as there are lots of moving parts that can catch clothing or even break bones. Leaving the maintenance to the Lawrence garage door repair new motor installation professionals is generally a good idea, but there are a few things you can do on your own to make your garage door more reliable.

Once you've had a new installation to replace the faulty parts of your garage door, take a few minutes every six months or so to check railings and connections for rust or damage. Moving parts such as the connectors between the door and rail can be wiped down with a clean cloth and a light coating of household oil to keep them running smoothly and avoid future problems.